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User Profile

The Taskomat™ user profile consists of several tabs, in each of which you can manage a particular aspect of the platform.

User Profile

In the first profile tab you will find:

Your profile photo - if you are socially logged in it is automatically imported, you can also upload a different one
Name - imported from registration data, editable
Surname - imported from registration data, editable
Email - imported from registration data, editable
Registration data - if you are socially logged in, you cannot change this, otherwise you can change both email and password


In the second tab you must enter your invoicing data in order to be able to invoice your customers:

Company name - the name of your business
VAT number
Fiscal Code - if you do not have a VAT number yet, please value this field
Address - the tax address of your business
IBAN - the bank details where you want your payments to arrive

If you want to know more about invoicing, read the article on invoice detail


In the third tab you can set your default tax configuration. You can still change them on each invoice.

Invoicing Method - choose between Ordinary Regime, Minimal Regime, Flat Rate Regime or Tax Receipt.
Social Security Contributions - choose whether to apply the standard INPS social security rate or to apply a specific professional fund.
VAT Rate and Withholding Tax - choose the VAT rate to apply to your invoice and whether or not to enable Withholding Tax for your invoices.

If you want to learn more about tax configuration, read the article on How to set up the invoicing profile


In the fourth tab you will find the general configuration of Taskomat:

General configuration: here you can choose your language and currency
Financial Goal Configuration: if you have not already done so during onboarding, or you want to edit it, you can edit your financial goal here.

If you want to learn more about setting the financial goal, read the article on How to set the turnover goal


In the fifth tab you can set up your skills if you did not do so during onboarding, or if you want to change them instead. By setting up your skills correctly, you can track the time you work on each skill and the value they create.


In the sixth and last tab you can manage your subscription and invoices issued by Taskomat SRL.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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