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The Clients section of Taskomat™ presents the list of all your clients. The navigation bar of the Clients section allows you to create a new client and filter existing clients by status:

Active: clients with active projects
Inactive: customers without active projects
Pending: customers with outstanding invoices or quotes.

Clients can be sorted by name, rating and average rate.

Client List  - Taskomat™

Below is information about each client on the list:

Client Badge: identifies the client and each element of the platform associated with it

Client Name: identifies the company name of the client

Client Rating: the Taskomat™ client rating is automatically calculated by an algorithm that takes into account, among other things, the number of projects associated to the client, hours worked, average rate, total turnover, payment times, etc.

Average Rate: the global average initial rate of all projects associated with the client

Budget Analysis: a multiple progress bar showing the disbursed budget (PURPLE), invoiced budget (YELLOW) and paid budget (GREEN) against the total budget (GREY) for each client.


Moreover, for each client it is possible to carry out different actions:

Create a project for this customer: this action allows you to create a project already linked to the customer
Create a quote for this customer: This action allows you to create a quote already linked to the customer
Create an invoice for this customer: this action allows you to create an invoice already linked to the customer
Delete customer: this action deletes the customer and all associated information (projects, work units, tasks, performance, etc.)

Click on the customer to access the Customer Detail view, i.e. the section where you can manage all the information and work performance related to the customer in question.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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