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Dashboard is the first section of Taskomat™. In this section we find:

Task management panel: here you can manage all your scheduled, to-be-scheduled, overdue, pending and to-be-connected tasks
Document management panel: here you can manage all your pending documents, both estimates and invoices
Performance panel: a powerful dashboard to monitor your daily performance

Dashboard is the home section of Taskomat™. Here you will find the main actions and performances related to your daily operations.

Dashboard - Taskomat™


Task Management Panel

Through this panel you have complete control over all your tasks. Thanks to the different tabs, the tasks are divided between planned tasks, unplanned tasks, pending tasks, overdue tasks and tasks not connected to a work unit.


In this tab you can manage all the tasks you have already planned for the current day, if you click on Tomorrow you can also see the tasks planned for the next day. To execute a task, just click on the play button, if you don't want to track the time you can mark it as completed, while if you want to perform other actions you can open the detail by clicking on the task itself.

When you put a task into execution, a bottom widget will appear on the right.


In this tab you can manage all overdue tasks, i.e. those whose deadline has already passed. You can decide whether to run them or mark them directly as completed.

In this tab you can also find tasks not yet scheduled: this happens when you have work units that have exceeded the deadline with tasks not yet scheduled. In this case, before executing them, you should schedule them.


In this tab you can manage all pending tasks, i.e. tasks that have already been scheduled but not completed yet, and so they have fallen behind. You can decide whether to execute them immediately, mark them as completed or reschedule them for other days.


In this tab you will find all the tasks of all the work units that have not yet been scheduled. The only action you can perform in this tab is scheduling: you can decide whether to schedule tasks individually or in bulk. Scheduling tasks from this tab is very convenient because you can mass schedule several work units at a time.


In this tab you can find all tasks that are not linked to any work unit yet. These tasks have been created directly on the planner or on the dashboard and must be linked to a work unit to be correctly accounted for. In this article you can learn more about how to link a task to a work unit.

Among the tasks to be linked, you can find both tasks already executed and tasks not yet executed. In the latter case, the execution and completion actions will also be available.


Performance panel

In this panel you have at hand all the data needed to measure the quality of your work.

Your annual financial goal

These two progress bars indicate the level of completion of your annual financial goal, the one you set in onboarding and that you can modify in your personal profile.

The LILAC and VIOLET progress bars show you the planned budget and the budget disbursed with respect to the total.
The YELLOW and GREEN progress bar shows you the invoiced and paid budget compared to the total.

Your performance today

Here you can find the work performance related to today. More in detail:

Initial rate, actual rate and gap - these are the three values related to the hourly price at which you work.

Effectiveness, efficiency and punctuality - are the 3 key KPIs to measure the quality of your work.

Today's Budget: This progress bar shows the budget delivered against the budget planned. In addition, you can check if the delivered budget is in line with the turnover target: if the target is met, the flag is black, otherwise it is white.

Time: in this progress bar you can see the time spent working on today's tasks compared to the planned time.

Last 7 days: At the bottom, you have a small chart to see how your performance has changed in the last 7 days.


Document management panel

In this panel you can manage all the documents pending with your customers:

Quotes - here you can find all the quotes already sent to your customers for which you are waiting for an answer. You have the actions available to resend them and to declare them accepted. You can also add a new quote directly here, by clicking on the + button

Invoices - here you can find the invoices already sent to customers and not yet paid. As with quotes, you can resend them, declare them paid, or create a new one by clicking on the + button.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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