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Work unit detail

In the Work Unit Detail we find all the information and tasks related to the work unit. In the upper part we find the top bar with name, status and main actions; then we find the panel with the associated skills and the data related to the work unit; the description panel; the panel related to the work performance, time and budget; finally in the lower part we find the task management panel.


Top bar and main actions

The top bar of the work unit detail remains sticky when you scroll it, so that the actions and the status are always visible. The available actions are:

Create Task: create a Task in the Work Unit
Insert hours worked: you can insert hours previously worked without the need to create tasks
Edit: opens the Work Unit creation popup to edit the main parameters
Duplicate: creates an exact copy of the Work Unit and all the Tasks within it
Move: moves the Work Unit and all its Tasks to another Project
Delete: permanently deletes the Work Unit


Main work unit panel

Below we find the main panel with the name of the work unit, the project and the customer on the left. On the right we find the icons related to the skills inserted for this Work Unit.

In the lower part of the panel we find the 3 main data of the work unit:

Budget: is the total budget of the Work Unit and the price at which you sell it to your customer. If you work at an hourly rate it remains at 0
Time Limit: is the total time you have available to complete the Work Unit. It is derived from the Budget and your hourly rate. If you work at an hourly rate it remains at 0.
Margin: percentage deviation between budget and time limit, as long as it remains positive you still have time to deliver the budget.

Description: under this panel you have a space to enter an accurate description of the work unit.


Performance panel

Below, on the left, we find the progress bars related to the budget analysis:

Budget: PURPLE progress bar that shows the budget provided on the total budget
Time: BLUE progress bar that shows the time actually worked against the planned time
Turnover: YELLOW progress bar that shows the invoiced budget on the total budget
Paid: GREEN progress bar that shows the paid budget on the total budget

On the right, we find the work performance related to the single work unit:

Initial rate: the rate you set when you created the work unit
Actual rate: rate calculated on the actual work time
Gap: percentage deviation between these two.

Effectiveness: Percentage of tasks completed without being left undone.
Efficiency: Percentage of tasks completed within the hourly estimate.
Punctuality: Percentage of tasks completed within the work unit's deadline


Task Management Panel

At the bottom of the work unit we find the task management panel. In this panel you can find the deadline of the work unit and all the associated tasks, divided into 3 distinct tabs: To plan, Planned, Completed.

Unplanned - in this tab you can find new tasks not yet planned. If there are no tasks to be scheduled, you will find the action to create a new one. If there are tasks, you will also find the action to schedule them.

Planned - in the second tab you will find the scheduled tasks that have not yet been executed. If there are tasks available, you will also find the action to reschedule them.

Completed: In the last tab you will find all the completed tasks of the work unit.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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