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Planner is the planning calendar of Taskomat™. In this section, you have a weekly and a monthly view of your workload, your work and financial performance for the period considered, and the possibility to filter tasks by client, project and work unit.

The information related to time worked, budget and hourly rate, as well as KPIs such as effectiveness, efficiency and punctuality, are ALWAYS linked to the time period I am viewing.

Planner - Taskomat™

Navigation and Performance

At the top of the Planner we find a navigation bar that allows you to switch between weekly and monthly views, while on the right we find the filter panel that allows you to filter tasks by customer, project or work unit.

Below, we find a panel with our work and financial performance related to the period we are viewing.

Initial rate, actual rate and gap - these are the three values related to the hourly rate at which you work.

Effectiveness, efficiency and punctuality - are the 3 key KPIs to measure the quality of your work.

Budget: This progress bar shows the budget delivered against the budget planned. In addition, you can check if the delivered budget is in line with the financial target: if the target is met, the flag is black, otherwise it is white.

Time: in this progress bar you can see the time spent working on today's tasks compared to the planned time.



In the center there is the calendar where tasks are scheduled. You can reschedule tasks on other days of the week by doing a simple drag and drop.

Attention: it is not possible to drag and drop tasks already completed and it is not possible to drop a task on a past day.

In addition to the Tasks, on each day you can find:

The + button to create a new task directly on the day. This task must then be linked to a work unit in order to be properly accounted

The progress bar that shows you the time already occupied by the tasks in relation to the maximum time available, i.e. the daily hours you want to devote to work. You can set your maximum available time in your profile, in the Taskomat™ Configuration tab.

An icon indicating that there is a deadline for that day.

The Monthly Planner is basically the same as the Weekly Planner: you have a view of your monthly schedule and the performances are relative to the month instead of the week.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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