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What is the work unit?

The work unit is the central node of the entire Taskomat™ platform: it is the building block that constitutes the project and is the container in which you account for your tasks.

The work unit is an intermediate entity between the project and the task: it can be understood as a project milestone, as a separate sub-project or as a set of activities with the same deadline. When a project is particularly simple, it may also consist of a single work unit.

What is a work unit and what is its purpose?

The work unit is the entity that tracks the budget and time of your activities. Without the work unit, it would not be possible to accurately and comprehensively account for all the tasks you finish in your day.

We introduced the work unit as an intermediate entity between project and task for a simple reason: you often know when projects start but not when they finish. Sometimes you have to go back on a project that you thought was finished, sometimes you have to integrate a project that you have not worked on for months.

In this context, it becomes difficult to measure time and budget precisely because we have no real knowledge of when a project will be finished.

The work unit, on the other hand, does this very well: the work unit is in fact a part of the project that can be quantified in time and budget.

Creating a work unit means entering a job sold to a client into Taskomat™. This work can be part of a larger project, or it can be a mini-project in its own right.

To find out more about the different uses of the work unit, you can read these three different articles: Using the work unit when working on a budget, Using the work unit when working on an hourly rate, Use the work-unit when working at the hourly basis.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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