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Recursive Task

As mentioned in the article How to create task?, in Taskomat™ is possible create tasks either within work units or directly on the calendar, but is also possible create specific activities that must be repeated at regular intervals within a set time frame, the Recursive Tasks.

To create recursive tasks, simply click on the stopwatch icon on the navigation bar to the left

Recursive Tasks - Taskomat™

Once the control panel is open, you will be able to:
Input the name of the task
Input, if necessary, an estimated time
Select the days on which the task is to be created
Input the number of weeks in which the task is to be repeated
Connect it to a project via the Workunit

Now simply click on the "Create recurring task" button and automatically all tasks will be created and available.

Recursive Tasks - Taskomat™

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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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