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How can I link a task to a work unit?

As mentioned in the article How can I create a task?, in Taskomat™ you can create tasks either within work units or directly on the calendar. When you create a task on the fly, or directly on the calendar or dashboard, you must then link it to a work unit to account for it correctly.

A task that is not linked to any work unit can be recognised by its badge: instead of showing the client it is linked to, it shows a chain icon.

Once you have finished a task that is not linked to any work unit, Taskomat™ will immediately show a pop-up that allows you to link it to the work unit you want, or to create a new one. If you do not yet have the elements to do this, you can close the pop-up and link it later.

You will find all tasks not yet linked to any work unit in the To link tab of the task management panel in the dashboard. To call up the linking pop-up, simply click on the chain icon on the task.

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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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