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Task details

The Task Detail of Taskomat™ is a pop-up that opens when you click on a task. It shows all data and all available actions on the individual task.

Available Actions

At the top are the available actions:
Duplicate - allows you to create an exact copy of the task
Move - assigns the task to another work unit
Delete - permanently deletes the task

If the task is completed, there is a fourth action: Reset - returns the task to its initial state

Task detail

Further down we find the task detail with data and information about the task:
Customer Badge - indicates the customer associated with the task
Task name - is the name of the task, you can change it by clicking on the blue pencil
Project and work unit - below the task name you will find the project and the work unit of reference
Time estimate - on the right you will find a stopwatch icon and, if it is present, you will find the hourly estimate of the task, otherwise you will find the label TIMER

When the task is not yet completed, below the time estimate we can find two icons: a ${color}[#8f8f](grey clock ◴), indicating that the task is pending, and a red triangle ⚠, indicating that the task is late.

When the task is completed, you will find a green tick ☑ and the exact completion time below the hourly estimate. If the task has been completed beyond its deadline, there will also be a ${color}[#8f8f](grey triangle ⚠).

Main Actions

When the task is not yet completed, we find the main actions on the right:
Play - puts the task into execution
Pause - when the task is in play, allows you to pause it
Mark as Completed - declares the task completed
Schedule / Reschedule - allows you to schedule or reschedule the task (when the task is not yet scheduled, only this action is present)

When the task is completed, there is a large green tick in place of the action. The reset action will be available at the top.

Task Information

Below, on the left, is a box with the 4 main task information:
Deadline - if present, shows the deadline of the work unit
Planned - if planned, shows the planning date
Estimated Time - if present, reports the hourly estimate of the task
Task Value - if already associated with a work unit, reports the monetary value of the task calculated on the estimate and the hourly rate of the work unit

To Do List

Underneath the task information, you can create a task-specific To Do List to create a series of subtasks that are needed to complete the task.


A detailed description of the task can be entered on the right.

Task logger

Below the description is the task logger. In this box, all actions performed on the task are recorded: when it is started, paused and completed. In case you make a mistake when tracking the time of a task (e.g. you leave it active even after finishing it, or you leave it paused while you resume working), you can edit the time values by clicking on the blue pencil in this box.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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