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How to set up a billing profile

To use Taskomat™ to its full potential, you must set up your own billing profile.
Setting up your own billing profile is very simple: just go to your personal profile, on the Tax Settings tab.

You can also use Taskomat without setting up your billing profile, however, our advice is to set up your billing profile so that you do not have to enter data every time you issue an invoice.

Set up billing profile

Click on your badge at the bottom left and access your personal profile. From here, click on the Fiscal Settings tab to access your billing profile.
In this tab you can choose the different options related to your billing profile.


Billing Mode

In the first box, you can select your billing mode:
Ordinary regime - ordinary invoicing with VAT at 22%.
Flat-rate scheme - subsidised invoicing under the flat-rate scheme
Minimum Regime - subsidised invoicing for VAT under the minimum regime
Fiscal invoice - invoicing with tax code


In the second box you can select the parameters for social security contributions:
InPS 4% Reimbursement - professionals enrolled in the separate INPS management scheme are entitled to charge 4% in the invoice by way of reimbursement to the client
Professional fund - you can select the professional fund you are enrolled in and enter the customised rate
Stamp tax - you can activate the €2 stamp tax


VAT rate and withholding tax

In the third box you can customise the VAT rate and withholding tax:
VAT Rate: enter the VAT percentage rate specific to your billing profile (only available for the ordinary regime)
Withholding Tax: enter the withholding tax rate (only available for tax receipts)


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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