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Using the work unit when working on an hourly basis

Working on a pay-as-you-go basis means selling your client a predefined number of hours at an agreed price. When working in this way, the most important thing to know is the number of hours that remain available as you go on with the job.

On Taskomat™ it is possible to create work units to work by the hour, however this process is not yet fully automated. In this article we explain how you can create work units and track your performance.

How to create a work unit and work on a pay-per-hour basis

When creating a work unit, it is not yet possible to value the 'Time Limit' field directly. You will therefore have to value the other two fields (Budget and Hourly Rate) in such a way that the number of hours that you have sold to your customer is displayed:

Valorise the 'Budget' field with the figure at which you sold the number of hours to your customer
Valorise the 'Hourly rate' field in such a way as to obtain the exact number of hours you sold to your customer

Example: I sold 50 hours to one of my customers for a price of 2000€. In this case I will have to enter 2000€ in the budget field and I will have to value my hourly rate at 40€, so that the 50 hours will return in the "Time limit" field.

How to read the work unit data

Budget: the total budget to which you sold the work unit
Time limit: the number of hours you sold to your customer
Margin: the percentage of remaining hours that remain usable. If it is negative, it means that you have exceeded the ceiling

How to read the progress bars

Progress bar PURPLE: indicates the budget already paid out of the total budget
Progress bar BLUE: indicates the time worked against the planned time (not to be confused with the time limit, this quantity only indicates the estimated duration of the created and planned tasks, not the time limit of the work unit)
Progress bar YELLOW: indicates the budget already invoiced to the customer against the total budget
Progress bar GREEN: indicates the budget already paid by the customer against the total budget


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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