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How to import invoices from other sources

On Taskomat™ you can import invoices from other platforms, so you can align all your invoice data. It is not yet possible to automatically import invoices from other platforms, so you will need to have the invoice xml files on your computer.

All invoicing platforms on the market allow you to download the xml file of invoices issued.

Import XML invoices

Importing XML invoices into Taskomat™ is very simple. Let's look in detail at the steps required to carry out this operation:

Click on the ➕ button at the top right of the top bar
Click on the heading Import invoices in XML.
Drag your XML files into the drawer
Wait for the creation of the invoice list and check for errors
Confirm the import by clicking on Confirm Import.

If the client associated with the invoice is not present within Taskomat™ it will be created automatically with all the invoice data already filled in. You can also use the import tool with a free account, but it will still not be possible to create more than 3 clients.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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