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How can I track the time of a sudden activity?

On Taskomat™ the priority is to build a workflow that optimises your productivity. This is why it is essential to use time-boxing and scheduling techniques, i.e. to give an hourly estimate to your tasks and plan them on specific days.

However, there are situations in which it is neither possible to estimate the duration of a task, nor to plan it on a specific day: what you need to do is simply to start a timer NOW, and without any hourly estimate. This is not a desirable situation, but it happens a lot more than we would like.

When you find yourself having to track the time of a sudden activity, all you have to do is click on the stopwatch in the top right-hand corner: from here you can create a task on the fly and start the timer immediately.

This task will start tracking time as soon as you create it, without the need to plan it or even click play.

Once you have completed this task, you can count it linking it to a work unit.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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