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How can I track the time of my activities?

On Taskomat™ it is very easy to track the time of each task. Each task you create is actually a timer that you can start when you start working on the task. As we explain in the article How to create a task, you can create tasks both with an hourly estimate and without an hourly estimate.


Time tracking with hourly estimation

When you start to execute a task with an hourly estimate, time tracking will measure the elapsed time against the estimated time through a convenient progress bar, which will clearly show you how much time you have left to stay within the hourly estimate.

Working in this way, in addition to tracking time on individual tasks, Taskomat™ can calculate aggregate performance on work units, projects and clients.


Time tracking without hourly estimation

If you start a task without an hourly estimate, time tracking will simply count the time taken to complete the task, without measuring other parameters.

You can also use Taskomat™ without estimating the duration of your tasks, however, our advice is to always estimate the duration of your tasks, as it helps you to be more aware of your work and the time you have available.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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