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How can I plan tasks?

As mentioned in the article How can I create a task?, in Taskomat™ you can create tasks both within work units and directly on the calendar. When you create tasks in work units, the next step is to schedule them.

Within Taskomat™ you can plan tasks from different points:
from the work unit detail
from the workflow
from the dashboard

|||| Once scheduled, you can drag and drop tasks directly to the planner to move them to another date

How to plan from work unit detail

When you open the detail of any work unit, you will find the task management panel at the bottom. In the Unplanned tab you will find all new tasks that have not yet been scheduled. You can schedule them en masse by clicking on Schedule All, or one by one by clicking on the calendar icon on each task.

In the Schedule All tab you will still find the Schedule All command so that you can reschedule all tasks with a single action. Here, too, you can reschedule tasks one by one by clicking on the calendar icon.

How to schedule from the workflow

In the workflow you will find the work units organised by status: in the column on the left you will find all new and pending work units. To plan, simply click on the Schedule all tasks button on the individual work units.

How to plan from the dashboard

In the dashboard you will find several tabs in the task management panel. In the Schedule tab you will find all tasks of all work units to be scheduled. If in the work unit detail and workflow you can only plan a single work unit, here you can also plan several work units at a time.

In addition, in the Pending tab, you will find all tasks that you have left behind. Here, too, you have the Reschedule All command to reschedule all tasks that you have not completed and have left behind at once.

Here, too, you can schedule tasks one by one by clicking on the calendar icon of each individual task.

If you plan from the dashboard or the work unit detail, as well as if you plan a single task or many tasks at the same time, the result of the action will not change: in any case, a planning pop-up will open, allowing you to set some parameters to plan better.

How to use the planning popup

The planning consists of 3 elements:
Task & Work units: on the left you will find the list of tasks and possibly work units that you are planning: you can change the planning order by dragging and dropping on the individual elements
Configuration: at the top you will find some parameters to configure: start date of planning, hours per day that can be planned, possibility to plan over the weekend
Preview planning: in the centre you will find a graph showing you a preview of the workload and budget for each day.

Once you have reached the desired setup, simply click on Confirm planning to confirm.


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Updated on: 02/01/2024

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